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Group Formation

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Group Formation Empty Group Formation

Post  Waranger Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:14 pm

if there are 6 or less players... not many doubts about how it will happen, right?

if there are 7, it is up to the players online to make 2 groups or 1 join randoms in a LFG group.

If there are 8 or 8+, then it is advised to form 2 groups and fill the ranks in LFG. the members distribution will be assumed by a Deputy or Legion General present. in the event of none is present, online players have reach an understanding about what to do.

My recomendation is that groups should be formed in a class based criteria but also in a random gathering of the players, i believe we all have to know each other better so mixing elements will only helps us if one day we can´t go with those we are used to because they aren´t online. This will also help Legion unity and comunication.

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